Neue Häuser
Belforter Straße 4

Five new houses. House 5
More than a gap filler
Overall apartments
Project volume
3 Mio. €
Slim building
480 cm

The latecomer of the AM WASSERTURM project

It often turns out differently than planned. Originally the house 5, being the smallest and last buildings of the NEUE HÄUSER AM WASSERTURM project at the southside of the nearby water tower, was due to be constructed simultaneously with the whole ensemble. As small houses stand out, it was the center of attention and it took some time before construction of house 5 could be started. In the year of 2020 construction finished and the house 5 can be found under the street number „4“, which seems quite peculiar for the involved parties.

The changes in the construction timetable offered a new perspective towards the slimmest construction site in the Berlin district Prenzlauer Berg. While the four main buildings along the Straßburger Straße were planned by Bernd Driessen (at the time Valentyn Architekten Köln and since then Driessen Architekten Berlin), it was Jochen Klein (Jo Klein Architekten) who took on the challenge, to forge a link between the differing buildings.

This project, at the corner of the Wasserturmplatz in the Berlin district Prenzlauer Berg, is the link between urban development visions of the 90s and 60s. The reduced available space with a width of only 4,8 meters, demanded a compact concept, that offers a clever ground plan, open spaces, and vast views.
Jochen Klein, Jo Klein Architekten

Small, but none the less

For the vacant site, the total available construction space totaled in a width of 4,8 and depth of 17 meters. Despite the challenge, it was possible to develop a ground plan with apartments which radiate a feeling of generosity. All apartments and the commercial unit on the ground floor have one thing in common: while the corner windows on the northside offer a view on the lively Wasserturmplatz, the wide balcony and terrace windows on the southside capture the calming atmosphere of the grand courtyard garden. All this is complemented by a breathtaking panoramic view of Berlin from the roof terrace.

View towards the Wasserturmplatz
View torwards the courtyard
Panoramic view from the roof terrace
NEUE HÄUSER AM WASSERTURM - Part 5 - Belforter Straße, Berlin, © David von Becker 2020
Neue Häuser am Wasserturm - Part 5

Belforter Straße 4

Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

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