Postbahnhof Neubau

New office building at the Postbahnhof
A new sensation of work environment
Office space
16.000 m²
Terrace area
2.276 m²
Bike parking space

History reinterpreted

The design of the new building incorporates the structual and visual elements of the adjecent historical Postbahnhof building and interprets them in a unique way. The new building is meant to be a complementing addition to the historical building, integrating the preexisting viaduct and watertower. The main objective of the design is to create a close relation with the historical landmark through materials and composition, to create a significant contrast with the adjecent modern buildings.

POSTBAHNHOF NEUBAU, Exterior, © xoio GmbH

Concrete & glass

The ground plan with its two compact main regions offers a vast amount of space for individual and flexible use. The technical installations are primarily located in the inner area. Furthermore the ceiling adjacent to the facade is mainly kept free of technical installations. Airconditioning and cooling is realized via the floor.

Postbahnhof Neubau - lobby
Postbahnhof Neubau - working space
POSTBAHNHOF NEUBAU, Interior, © xoio GmbH

Connecting two worlds.

The visible rough concrete support structure with the cross like, upward shaped support beams and the fair-faced concrete with the luxuriant room heights as well as the visible technical installation, underline the industrial character and refers to the spatial feeling of the adjecent historical buildings.

The floor reaching panned facade offers light-flooded working spaces and unhindered glance at the intriguing surroundings. In- and outside merge, the adjecent historical buildings become part of the overall experience.

Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof


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